Sunday, July 4, 2010

How Does Google Work?

We always search over Google and it shows some related results in accordance to our search query. Have you ever thought, How Google works when you type a query into its search box?

Here is a great information that I have collected from Let's have a dip into it.

This image might need updated in the years to come, but it does a great job laying out how Google works when you type a query into their search engine. Search is so easy to do that it is hard to appreciate how complex it is unless you take a look under the hood. Which is exactly what this graphic does :D

A side benefit of this graphic is that it should help prospective clients realize how complex SEO & PPC campaigns can be. So if anyone is trying to be an el cheapo with their budget you can use this to remind them how complex search is, and thus how time consuming and expensive a proper search marketing campaign is.

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