Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seven things you ought to know about Google.

1. 32.03 acres - thats the size of Googleplex (Google headquarters).

2. All employees are entitled to free organic foods from Google's own restaurant.

3. Google understands the needs and desires of its employees, and therefore permits them to take the leverage of one day a week to work as per their wish, which can also include putting effort on their own website promotion.

4. Keeping in mind the millions of online users they have the provisions for 200,000 computers for providing the requisite support.

5. It was in November 1998 that Google had its a webpage recorded and that too without a logo.

6. In 2004, Google gave AOL a convincing offer thereby taking over the European Market even though Yahoo was already involved in an unsigned deal with AOL.

7. Around 15 million library books have been digitized and published on Google.

Monday, December 28, 2009

How to choose a seo company?

Its common knowledge that any online business feels the essentially of SEO for experiencing excellent and sustained results, and hence crops up the demand for SEO agencies and professionals. Considering this highly competitive scenario, its gets tough for website owners to make the ideal selection for engaging someone to assist in website promotion. The need of the hour is therefore to make an informative decision by adhering to the following recommendations.

1. Firstly, being the business owner you are the best person to decide about your requirements, it makes choosing all the easier once you are done with that because now you can strike off the irrelevant options and concentrate on only those firms which you think will satisfy your desires.

2. Secondly, you can further make eliminations from the chosen ones, based on the method they follow and the approach they employ for providing you with the optimal solutions.

3. Third, you can still shorten the list by getting aware of the people who will get the job done for you; an experienced professional is forever associated with more value creation.

It's understandable to attach importance to the commercial aspect, but evaluation should be done with regards to an ROI perspective in order that you get rid off any future hindrances.

Monday, November 23, 2009

SEO India’s best seo tactic for low and high competition

You have to apply different seo tactics for the key word which you want to get high rankings.
How seo tactics affects to your search engine rankings
If we choose a long keyword phrase with a low competition volume, then on-page optimization of the website keeps more value.

For a long and low competitive keyword we need not changes a huge in our WebPages. For example, we take a long keyword phrase like this "buy computer and get pen drive free in cuttack” for getting listed. Though the competition for this keyword is not high then it’s the enough to optimize one of our WebPages for that search term. No need to force to getting a huge inbound links to get high ranking for this type of long keyword phrases.
If we target a more competitive keyword for high ranking in search engines and we get the success then it only happens for the inbound links to our website.

The importance of an SEO tactic is not the same as its relative effect on your search engine positions

I like to write here that the webpage optimization is not enough if we target a high competitive keyword. After a look at the chart above I hope that you might get my point. When we expect high search engine rank from a high search volume and very competitive keyword then we come to content optimization. Here, the content optimization of a WebPages is the essential basis.
The content of a webpage should have more targeted keywords. By this optimizing we tell to the search engines that our webpage is relevant to our targeted key phrase. It’s better for us when we optimize more than one WebPages for that keyword. Then it’s easy to get more inbound links to our website, which is important for search engine ranking.
For example: There are 47,300 inbound links to the website "" according to Google. Although “” has huge amounts of inbound links, they do not rank for the keyphrase "buy computer and get pendrive free in cuttack". Its because there is no content in any webpages of that has optimized for this keyphrase.

To get high rankings in search engine for a keyphrase, optimize a webpage for that key phrase. Start your work on that link page that point to the optimized webpage to outrank other websites and that have been optimized for the same keyphrase.

Which tactic should you use for your website?
A) the best webpage optimization tactic.
The longer keyphrases that don't have much competition for optimizing your webpages. After taking this primary keyword you can proceed with more competitive keywords.
For example, take the keywords "buy computer and get pendrive free in cuttack", "buy computer in cuttack", "computer shop in cuttack" etc. When a website has been managed to get high ranking for many of these keywords, Google knows that the website is relevant to the topic "computer". And you know that "computer" is a high search volume and most competitive keyword.
When Google knows that your website is relevant to that topic, it becomes easy than before to get high rankings for that more competitive words such as “computer", "computer shop"
The more pages of your website you optimize for different keywords, the better.
B) The link building tactic:
Link building is a best tactic to get high ranking than others. To get high rankings, that does not mean to have more links to your website than your competitors. You need some better links. And links to your website with targeted keywords as anchor text bring better links to your website.
If you optimize your website in both webpages and inbound links then it will be easy to get search engine rankings as to get outrank also.
So Indian SEO experts don't focus on quantity of link building, they always focus on quality better links. SEO India always tries to get links to your website from relevant webpages with authority. So now days its better to choose any Indian seo company for seo tactic because they have a lot of man power with years of experience.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Google updated the Real Estate Information presentation in Google Maps.

Recently the Official Google Australia Blog has posted this latest string upgradation that -

Google Builds Out A National Real Estate Search Engine.

It says that there are videos and inspection times also, but Google plans to add the more new information in real estate place page in future.

Property information, photos, map placement, Street View imagery and functionality - all are included in real estate place pages. Not only have these pages included the public transit details, and AdWords functionality. Links for “Directions” and “Search nearby,” are added by Google as well as a “Send” link that opens an outgoing email with the place page link embedded inside.

Before these changes of Google, a home buyer could also get the individual property information for some time. But some old information and also some user-unfriendly info pop-up windows came out. This new changes in real estate place page brings out the most originally information, short and clean links (like this). It's now more user friendly for home buyers that they can easily pass around.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

With out paying get your website above the results on Google

I am telling about a one of the trick that will help your website getting top on Google search.

Google says:
We like to make search as easy as we can, so we've just finished the worldwide rollout of local search results on a map, which will now appear even when you don't type in a location. When you search on Google, we will guess where you are and show results near you.

So for getting this top position on Google search every website should be listed in Google Maps also. It’s very important for many businessmen when their site offers a service or a product and that to be relevant to a specific area. If the website is not listed in Google Maps, the webmaster might miss many visitors.

Visitors get the detail information about your business

Google search shows the local results above the first regular result on the result pages. People can see the exact location of your business if your website is listed in Google Local. They can access your company details. If visitors search with your particular business name (for example "Auroin SEO") your business will come on the top of the search results, than all other results.

How to get listed on Google Maps

Simply go to Google Map "Google Local Business Center". Login to your Google account and click "add new listing". Then step by step put your business information as follows there.

How to optimize your Google Maps listing

As you all businessmen are listing there business in Google Map. So getting a better listing on Google Map you have to optimize your Google maps listing. I have some tips that you may be like to follows.

- When you are putting your detail information into Google Maps, try to give as much true information as possible about your company with choosing a best category for your company. Don't forget to add the opening and closing time/day, payment types etc. It will impress to visitors also.

- Try to add videos and images that relevant to your company.

- When you are addressing to your company, then it will be better if its location or address is belonging to central name of the town. To get top of the list, it is a one of the step.

- A good position in other online directories or yellow pages it affects to your top listing in Google Map also. Its why because Google Maps compiles its local results by crawling and parsing data from other online directories and databases. So you need to submit your site in several local online yellow pages or in directories.

The more information you provide the better. List your website to more local directories, get more benefits.

One more important thing I forgot to write here. Don't put any duplicate information in your company information. Use also some keywords in your company descriptions but not do more that would like spam. Keep spam free to Google Map.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Link Building has changed

I will update it soon

keep in touch

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag in web search

Do you know that Google doesn't follow the meta keywords for web search in search engine? I have been giving important on the meta keywords for a better ranking, before read this topic from Matt Cutts blog. I always consider that its one of the most important step to get search engine ranking.

According to Matt Cutts in two hundred signals the keywords meta tag is not a signal that Google uses in it's web search rankings. And it won't be in future.

This video clarifies that the keywords meta tag is not something that you need to worry about, or at least not in Google.

Yes one more thing that I would like to write here. You should keep analyze and give important on your keyword meta tag because it helps in your Custom Search Engine solution and/or site-specific searches. And its a wrong massage that no major search engines use the keyword meta tag.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

SEO India - the indian seo companies

You have an online business and have a most amazing website that can get more traffic or customers to your business as a result. But nobody visits your website, then the all spending money and efforts on that site will have been wasted. So you need traffic to your website and for that you have to getting top ranking in major search engines like Google, yahoo, msn etc. To get more traffic to your website you need to choose best SEO companies.

Overall I say that the growing competition in online business has lead to the increase in high demand of SEO companies now.

For the quality service at comparative cheap cost and competitive pricing for the SEO job, the Indian SEO service providers are becoming more popular in the international market. Indian SEO experts are well known for their advanced technology, familiarity with the market behavior, latest knowledge and experience. So now day’s companies from all parts of the world are giving more priority to SEO India for their SEO services.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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