Monday, December 12, 2011

Seven things you ought to know about Google

1. 32.03 acres - thats the size of Googleplex (Google headquarters).

2. All employees are entitled to free organic foods from Google's own restaurant.

3. Google understands the needs and desires of its employees, and therefore permits them to take the leverage of one day a week to work as per their wish, which can also include putting effort on their own website promotion.

4. Keeping in mind the millions of online users they have the provisions for 200,000 computers for providing the requisite support.

5. It was in November 1998 that Google had its a webpage recorded and that too without a logo.

6. In 2004, Google gave AOL a convincing offer thereby taking over the European Market even though Yahoo was already involved in an unsigned deal with AOL.

7. Around 15 million library books have been digitized and published on Google.

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